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What is First Move?
We are a group of friends bonded hard together by the insatiable enthusiasm for anything related to the arts; crisp sharp photographs, shiny avant-garde vector graphics, the love for creating mock-packaging designs, thinking brand strategies just to sound awesome, and gulping rock-artsy music like they were 6 packs of beer.

Our guiding principles at work are Professionalism, Creativity and having fun.

We believe that creating Advertising Collaterals should be fun both for the end-clients, which are the consumers and the people behind it (you (the owner) and us (the arts people).


What FM can do for you?
We design mostly Advertising Collaterals under a consistent and efficient brand strategy
specifically designed only to your business' needs.

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How are we gonna contact FM?
e-mail us at:
Fan mails and pricey checks are highly encouraged!
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